Closing this chapter. Really?

Hola everybody,

Welcome to the, most probably, last post in this blog. It’s Tuesday, and by now really all of the 12 Orchids left Bogota. The most for getting home, a few for recreation. I am sure all of us have lots of moments when we look back and try to reflect on what has all happened. It was an awesome and crazy experience. But lets start with the last week.

The final week was pretty intense for us and also our customer Fundacion Capital. Having the final presentation on Thursday, we were still not sure we can deliver everything we wanted by Monday or even Tuesday night. We had all our observations, results and recommendations in mind, but bringing it into a deliverable form was quite challenging. It was so much and from so many different areas. But also in this challenging time the great relationship with the customer but even more within the small sub team helped a lot. When ever one got stuck we had a team meeting and helped each other with brainstorming, feedback and new ideas. And I can’t really tell why and how, but that always helped and after that we could continue and finish our work.


Thursday was be the big presentation day. In the morning for the leadership team and in the afternoon we presented to the whole team in Bogota plus many on the phone. In total we had over 6 hours and there was lively feedback and discussions. The positive feedback and reactions where great and the commitment from Franz: “We start implementing the recommendations, starting tomorrow” was the best. We came four weeks ago to work hard to have an impact, and with this statement from the VP for Latin America, we got the feedback we exactly achieved that. This made us very happy and also a little bit proud. At the end we created more than 90 slides from scratch and lots of additional Doc’s and XLS’s. That it became so much and how that happened, none of us could really tell.

In a small celebration for 2 years Little Big Money, Foundation Capitals crowdfunding platform, we three also became “official” Fundakies, demonstrated with three bees on a cake. The bee is the logo for Foundation Capital, the company that we feel attached to so much already.


Our presentation ended with the personal Takeaways. Mine was the openness and honesty we experienced in all conversations and meetings. People where surprised on how fast we got to all the topics that challenges this great, successful and fast growing company. But the reason for that lies in the company itself: the clear dedication. While I often have to deal with politics and own agendas, in these four weeks everybody really only had one mission, doing good. That makes the interaction so easy and effective, that was a real surprise for me. I have the greatest respect for this heavily committed great professionals who work so hard to have a positive impact for the many people who are excluded in so  many ways.

So, how does it end now? It doesn’t! We as a team decided that we don’t just want to give recommendations and then leave. We want to further support Foundation Capital on their way to implement what we have worked out. We already have mail exchange and conference calls are set up. So for us the Social Sabbatical does not only last 4 weeks, but it goes on. And that is awesome.

We all learned that we can be professionals, using all our skills and expertise, and still can do good. That will impact the way we work in the future. Maybe this can also be an inspiration for some of the readers of the blogs and articles from the 12 Bogota Orchids.

All the best, Adios,



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