Weekend fantasy 

On 3rd Saturday, Bogota Orchids went off to Colombia first wonder: Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. It is an underground Roman Catholic Church built within the tunnels of a salt mine 200 metres. I could even taste the salt in the air while I travelled down this salt mine with our Spanish speaking tour guide. The reason on why this salt mine started to become a cathedral because the miners originally craved a sanctuary in there  as a place for their daily prayers asking for protection to the saints before starting work.

Over time, this became a magnificent cathedral with all these grand monumental crosses.

Towards the end of the tour,we had a 3D show and some of us went through miner experience going through pitch black tunnel. The bogota orchids miners managed to have some salt as their wages for all the hard work picking salt.


On Sunday, Bogota Orchids split into three groups. Me, Sabrina, Sheri, Gerda and Divi decided to visit a bit of mountain valleys at this place called,Villa de Leyva. It is a famous colonial town with streets paved in stones. It was the local election day too. We saw crowds of Colombians at the poll stations and quite a sight for us being the few rare foreigners at the town. We spent a lovely morning and lunch before we headed back to Bogota city.


Un abrazo!



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