Midway through Week 3

Amazingly, this is our Social Sabbatical Week 3 in Bogota, Colombia. Mixed feelings stirred inside me when a lady from our client asked us, “How long will we be staying for?” on Tuesday lunch. The thought of only 10 days more in this beautiful country, yummy food, passionate locals made me sad and at the same time, I did miss my family a lot. A part of me was kinda glad that I would be going home soon, surviving this trip, hopefully in one piece. Some of my team mates been sick and went to hospital. One has a pickpocket incident.  Also there was an excitement of looking forward to our end results for our client and I couldn’t wait for the final presentation.

IMG_3276(Yummy Fish Stew for Tuesday’s Worker Lunch)

It was the same Tuesday when we, these three SAP musketeers held a two days’ workshop packed into one day’s workshop from 8am to 6:15pm. Amazingly(second time I use this word), all our participants survived the four exercises brain-storming. We are still very thankful for their kindness and creativity. Lots of fun and laughter came when we played two warm up games.

What business model could you think out of a hair straighter, a cup and a tape?  Here is one comes out from the remote participants doing a breakfast business.


We went through this video  talking about social enterprise Grameen Danone where a dollar donated could be recycled to have more social impact. Viability culture was educated through this workshop.

IMG_3278(Tuesday’s Business Model Development and Innovation Workshop)

Although we were all exhausted, the extremely positive feedback from our participants made this whole experience extremely rewarding. We, these three SAP musketeers had a very sweet dream sleep that night.

Ciao, and more to come.

Stay tune to our blog posts!



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