Adiós, Second Week in Bogota.

Our three musketeers adventure continues into 2nd October week at our client’s site.

(A Bogota Daily Scene)
Everyday is a new learning day for us on Colombia’s culture, people and within our team dynamics.
In our daily conversation with the locals, some interesting topics arose like women with families working. October 25th is election day in Bogota.A Colombian guy discusses broken families which is a topic in Bogota election.and he think the solution is to stop women working. And if any woman has a fleeting thought of doing something else than household chores, she can take a walk outside and come back to her house wife role. These kind of local interactions help us to understand Bogota locals beyond the books. Food and transport are not expensive to us but give us an indication what the living standards of the locals, bearing in mind how lucky we are to be living in a more wealthy country.  Our social motivation in delivering impactful results grows stronger each day as we live closely to the locals. Coming from a big corporate company, we have no experience in working for a social sector. Now, close engagement with a NGO which is being transformed into a social enterprise keep us learning more on social aspects what a NGO and a social enterprise means.
Change is a key element in our daily work and it is a challege to predict what will come next.
I love the message in the video below which says it is easy to miss something you’re not looking for.

So far, we have been in good hands under the lovely care of Lizza, our local coordinator and Magali our client project manager.

(Gek with the Military Officer)

There are times where we have to be careful looking after ourselves. Prehaps Daniel’s yoga style thinking sessions help in our times of survival.

(Daniel in his yoga thinking posture)

Among the three of us, Georg is still leading in his Spanish picking up skills.


Amore from Gek

 (Gek’s Colombian Colours)


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