Weekend Trip to Caragena!

2 weeks before out departure to Bogota, the entire Bogota Orchids team decided to take a weekend trip to Cartagena for some team building.  It was a great way to finish off our first ‘work week’, and an even greater opportunity to get to know one another.

Here is some information on Cartagena (pronounced car-ta-hey-na):

Cartagena or Cartagena de Indias, is a city on the northern coast of Colombia, on the Caribbean Sea.  It is the fifth-largest city in Colombia and has a population of 1 million.  The city was founded on June 1, 1533, and named after Cartagena, Spain, but settlement in the region around Cartagena Bay by various indigenous people dates back to 4000 BC.  During the colonial period Cartagena served a key role in administration and expansion of the Spanish empire.  It was a center of political and economic activity due to the presence of royalty and wealthy viceroys.  In 1984 Cartagena’s colonial walled city and fortress were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We took an early morning flight on Saturday:

airport airport1

Upon arrival we could quickly feel the humidity in the heat.  It was only 30 degrees, but the air was extremely wet, causing some of us to start sweating upon landing.  We checked into our hotel (the Holiday Inn Express we stayed at was extremely nice), and then we were off on a 6 hour walking tour.  There was a lot to see, but the heat was quite intense:

IMG_3747 IMG_3752 IMG_3753 IMG_3763

IMG_3984 IMG_3989

IMG_3994  IMG_4005

Some impressive graffiti artwork:

IMG_3748 IMG_3750

Our group photographer (Steffen) hard at work:


Who can take the better selfie???


The view from La Popa Monastery (a small monestary on the top of a mountain):

IMG_3798 IMG_3810

The Castillo San Felipe de Barajas:

IMG_3820 IMG_3840 IMG_3842 IMG_3833

An awesome group selfie (by the selfie master, Rene):


We went to Rosario Island (The Islas del Rosario) the next day for some much needed rest and relaxation:

IMG_3900 IMG_3895IMG_3911

It was sad to leave, as we had a great time in Cartagena, but it’s now time to get back to work!




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