Hola from Gek

I am a Singaporean Chinese who lived in United Kingdom.With extraordinary luck, I am there with an amazing team of 12 SAP international employees doing SAP Social Sabbatical 2015/2016 called  Bogota Orchids. I work in Global Services and Support Organisation focusing on customer engagement and support.

We officially started our SAP Social Sabbatical 2015/2016 launch at SAP Colombia on Monday October 5 2015 . There are four client organizations – SOLE Colombia, Gensys, Fundacion Capital and Proyectar Sin Fronteras. These organizations are doing fantastic work within Colombia and other regions of Latin American.

mapbogota(Locations of our  SAP Social Sabbatical 2015/2016 Clients in Bogota)

Daniel Lee from SAP Canada and Georg Fischer from SAP Germany . Fundacion Captial is our selected client. Fundacion Captial focus on empowering people from poverty and extreme poverty though financial inclusion, capacity building and by promoting investment. They help millions of families to fulfil their goals and define their own paths out of poverty. These six weeks of prework and 3 days of client meetings have been very inspiring. We got to hear from Ulf Beckmann our mentor in person on how last year’s Social Sabbatical has changed him personally and professionally. These few days have opened up my heart and mind to embrace this beautiful country Colombia and its passionate people. Chinese has a saying 养兵千日,用在一时. Its translation is to train the soldiers for a thousand days and use them for that moment. This is so true for me at this moment. I am excited to share everything I know, I have with Bogota Orchids: the professional development training from SAP and Singapore education. And it is the same for my other team members who share their insights, experience and knowledge with me. I would say in dutch “Gek’s experience” bonding with 11 strangers in such a short time. Please read more from other Bogota Orchids’ team mates’ blog posts @





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Hasta Pronto,

Gek alias Chief Geeky Officer in Team Fundacion Capital

fundK(Daniel, Maia, Gek, Amy, Georg)


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