The endeavour started

Disculpe, we have been silence for a few days, and that has a reason: this experience is pretty overwhelming and intense. But lets start at the beginning. After we all got here and saw each other shortly Saturday night the complete Sunday was about getting to know each other on the one side and to understand the situation in Bogota in general and our customers in specific. It was really amazing to experience how easy it was for us 12 to work together. The little time left before dinner we spend as a sub team for Foundation Capital together to better understand each others skills and working style. We all new at that point: this will be intense.

We had dinner at a great place and my personal preference here in Bogota is the meets and all the tasty fruits in any way, shape or form. I really enjoy that a lot as in Germany we only have Apples 🙂

The next day, Monday, we got picked up pretty early to go to the SAP office in Bogota and meet all our new customers and see what they do. It was pretty impressive to see the power, motivation and commitment of the four customers we will be working with. Beside Fundacion Capital who does financial inclusion, we have Sole and  Genesis focusing on education and PSF focusing on agriculture.

Below you see the team for Foundation Capital (FC): Daniel on the left, Gek and Georg.

FundaK SAP Intro

After the presentations we went with our customers for the first round of introductory meetings. Our main contact at FC is Magali and she took great care of us and introduced us to many many great people. As they are around 50 employees, a prepared org chart helped a lot. The welcome was very warm and we felt being part of the team right away. The meetings gave us and much better impression of the structure and offerings, but most important about the culture and ethics in this company. That helped us a lot as we could see that these are the guiding principles for all they do. At the end of the day, we got so much new information that we knew, that needs a reflection and the night might get short already.

It is really amazing how seamless Gek, Daniel and I can work together. Two days before we more or less were strangers and now we are a great team already, working very good and respectful  together. After a nice dinner, again with lots of Jugo (fruit juice) and beef, we reflected the day and digested what we have heard and seen. Unfortunately that created lots of new questions and wee commonly decided to take the time to fully understand our customer and their offerings and hold us back as much as we can with early ideas and recommendations – not that we would have a lot already.

Late at night it was the end of a very exhausting but amazing first day. So much happened already, that for us all it feels like being here since weeks and not just two days.

More to come, stay tuned. Hasta pronto.



2 thoughts on “The endeavour started

  1. Hello Georg,
    great blog ! I hope you are doing well !

    I have been following your blog very interesting. I wish you a good time in colombia and
    take care of yourself.

    Best Regards


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